Do You Own a Mobile Home Park?

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Need Help Managing Your Mobile Home Park?

ParkNation Highlights

By engaging with ParkNation, you will have:

  • Turn-key mobile home park management program where success is measured by performance.
  • Professional managers with tailored software resulting in efficient management and cost savings (will train current manager).
  • Immediate increase in mobile home park revenue leveraging existing tenant base.
  • A robust sales effort together with comprehensive marketing and advertising to target and generate more qualified buyers to fill difficult vacancies.
  • Dealership Program leverages relationships with local dealers aligning qualified buyers and new mobile homes on vacant spaces without spending your money.
  • A solution for generating revenue from older, vacant park-owned mobile homes while minimizing liability and maintenance costs.
  • Sorely needed accounting support, financial reporting, and tax preparation.
  • Financing for capital improvements and long-term stabilization
      • Network of Banking Relationships
      • Assembling Financial Packages
      • Stabilization with Long-term Management Services Contract
      • Guarantee Loan Payment Priority with ParkNation Cash-Flow Management

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