About Us

ParkNation, Inc. is an experienced, expanding real-estate acquisition and management service company specializing in stabilizing and managing mobile home parks. ParkNation is focused on providing management services, growing occupancy, and stabilizing the current footprint of mobile home parks.  The intention is to improve the quality and efficiency of our property management services, refine processes, and develop a scalable model to achieve exponential growth.

ParkNation was created to access and navigate this fragmented mobile home market and capture and consolidate the opportunity.  Mr. Timothy A. Pikey, P.E. discovered the mobile home park opportunity with his first mobile home park acquisition in 2007.  After multiple mobile home park acquisitions, developing the initial processes, and managing those mobile home parks, the idea of creating a management company dedicated to mobile home parks with the possibility of impacting the industry was conceived in 2013, and the naming and branding process 2014.

ParkNation, Inc. was officially founded in February 2015 and acquired its Manufactured Housing Retailer Installer’s License in 2017.  ParkNation is a Texas-based corporation offering turn-key mobile home park management solutions:

    • Mobile Home Park Management Services
    • Mobile Home Park Acquisitions
    • Manufactured Housing
    • Community Living

The current acquisition model targets the older “value-added” mobile home parks in areas with a high job demand and ongoing need for affordable housing.  The management service market provides a broader-based opportunity to sell mobile home park management services to investors and institutions owning multiple, larger parks throughout the nation.

ParkNation’s model also provides an access point for low-income families to connect with affordable housing.  Both Park Owned and ParkNation Homes include new and used manufactured homes, offering a low-cost solution for housing, while our Communities provide a location for families and individuals to place their homes and live.

ParkNation currently manages 23 mobile home parks in Texas and California, comprising 1300 total mobile home and RV Sites and 180 homes under the rental and lease option programs. The current plan is to acquire additional parks and grow to a footprint of 100 parks totaling 5000 spaces within the next 24-36 months.

ParkNation can successfully manage this market utilizing the most effective processes, people, and culture where integrity and producing results are priorities.

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Competitive Advantage

Crucial attributes distinguish ParkNation from other mobile home park solutions:

  • Proprietary processes, along with rigorous implementation, create management efficiency and productivity
  • Extensive knowledge and experience managing small and medium-sized mobile home parks with offsite managers
  • A culture where Integrity and producing Results are the highest priority
  • Keen problem-solving ability at critical operational points
  • Tenacity to overcome the most difficult obstacles in a challenging environment
  • Ability to create value in the fragmented mobile home park market
  • Capacity to successfully navigate the mobile home park market
  • Relationships with Nationwide Brokers, Banks, and Vendors

Business Vision

To be the best managed, most profitable mobile home park management and service business in the country.

Community Vision

Create a Better Quality of Life for each Community & Empower People to Thrive


ParkNation has a results-driven culture built upon people who inherently have high integrity, take personal responsibility, and truly care about others. Those people work independently and together as a team to accomplish common company initiatives, leverage effective communication, and create an environment of trust where results happen.


ParkNation communication begins with listening, always speaking from the context of committed language, and communicating promptly when commitments change. This type of communication creates certainty, which is critical to the culture and success of the business.  The communication is defined by a language of commitment where the only answers to any questions are yes, no, by when, or when will you say by when. All other answers are a story and do not produce the expected results.  Using this communication framework creates certainty around who you are, builds trust, and accelerates business rhythm.


In the heart of our culture are people who thrive in a challenging environment, take personal responsibility, and are solution-oriented in action and producing results. They care about other human beings and have an innate ability or intuition to anticipate and provide for the needs of others. They naturally have a level of integrity, willing to look at what is missing or in the way, make adjustments, and are constantly adapting to a rapidly growing business. They communicate in the form of commitments or language of action, and as soon as they know their commitment has changed, they communicate promptly. They honor their word by managing the expectations and creating a world of certainty.

ParkNation Branded Communities

The ParkNation brand intends to enrich our residents’ lives by making safer, cleaner, and more family-friendly communities.  The concept is that every community has a professionally designed landscape and ParkNation branding.  All Capital improvements completed, Customized routine maintenance and the Communities immaculately maintained.  The Communities have great residents who follow Community Guidelines, Pay the Rent on time, and are professionally managed by ParkNation.

What Can the ParkNation Management Program Do for Mobile Home Park Communities?

    • Create and establish a specific vision for each Community underlaid by the common vision of Creating a better Quality of Life for the Community and Empowering Residents to thrive
    • Establish a clear vision, purpose, and core values to source employees and guide the operations and management team
    • Provide effective and efficient processes, management systems, and tools to manage multiple small to medium size mobile home parks utilizing an off-site manager from one area office
    • Provides direction, processes, and tools to stabilize an existing mobile home park and rapidly increase revenues by leveraging existing occupancy
    • Provides comprehensive marketing plan and sales process to grow occupancy and maximize community revenue
    • Dramatically increase the Community profitability, value, and longevity
    • Train the existing management team and simplifies the process to integrate new community managers and area leasing agents


As the economy continues to fluctuate, the demand for affordable housing rises, and the opportunity in the mobile home park business is greater than ever. ParkNation is positioned to expand through acquisitions and provide management solutions rapidly. ParkNation’s goal is to be the best managed and most profitable mobile home park management company in the United States.

ParkNation provides a turn-key mobile home park management solution that derives success from a performance-based philosophy. Thus, profitability is directly proportional to the performance of the mobile home parks and the success of owners and investors. ParkNation’s proprietary processes and management program dramatically and significantly increase profitability and property value within a short period of time while striving to minimize negative stigmas associated with this asset class. If you are a mobile home park owner, investor, or larger institution and desire to produce high rates of returns and tremendous upside on your investment, the ParkNation family can help you.